Wine Elements

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Made from all natural American Oak, Wine Elements are suitable for both red and white wines. By simply stirring into a glass of wine, Elements remove impurities while adding natural, flavor-enhancing sugars, tannins, and vanillin. Stir for 60 seconds and notice a distinct difference in flavor profile. Each wine Element can be used for 3-4 glasses of wine. Each pack contains 4 Wine Elements.

TASTING NOTES: Using a single Wine Element, stir your glass of wine for 30-60 seconds. Allow Element to rest in glass. Taste every 30-60 seconds. Remove Element once desired flavor profile is achieved. 60 SECONDS: Noticeably less acidic. Oaky aroma and flavor. 2-3 MINUTES: Buttery and savory. More full-bodied. 4-5 MINUTES: Rich, round flavors. Bold Oak Notes.

For best results, do not use Elements for more than 10 minutes per glass.